3CX License Pricing

3CX License Pricing

3CX is priced as an annual licence/subscription which is based on the number of simultaneous calls required. As a rule of thumb, 1 sim. call per 3-4 extensions is sufficient, i.e. a company with 50 extensions would need a 16 sim. call licence. You can upgrade your subscription at any point in time by just paying the difference for the remaining period.

No. of Sim. Calls Standard Pro Enterprise
4 FREE $250 $303
8 FREE $325 $394
16 $395 $652 $790
24 $595 $982 $1,190
32 $895 $1,477 $1,790
48 $1,350 $2,228 $2,700
64 $1,795 $2,962 $3,590
96 $2,695 $4,447 $5,390
128 $3,495 $5,767 $6,990
192 $5,250 $8,663 $10,500
256 $6,995 $11,542 $13,990
512 $10,995 $18,142 $21,990
1024 $19,995 $32,992 $39,990

Support for 3CX annual licence subscriptions is purchased separately, see our Support Packages for details.

FOB (End User) Internet excluding all taxes: All taxes such as royalty taxes, levies, duties, sales tax and VAT must be added to our prices and paid by the end users in their respective markets. Delivery of the 3CX software is done electronically and is activated by means of a licence key.

When comparing 3CX's pricing with that of other vendors; such as Ringcentral, 8x8, or Avaya; it's obvious as to why the switch to 3CX makes complete sense! 3CX's VoIP phone system provides an advanced solution that's easy to manage, flexible and affordable whether you run a small business or large enterprise. With our unique pricing, businesses can save thousands on their monthly telco bills and avoid all the hassle of purchasing additional extensions and add-ons as your business grows.

3cx pricing comparison

What makes 3CX more affordable?

Our pricing is based on the number of simultaneous calls needed; there is no per extension cost like that of other vendors such as RingCentral, 8X8 or Avaya. With this model you only pay for the maximum number of simultaneous calls that you may need; the perfect solution for businesses where the number of extensions is significantly higher in comparison to the number of actual calls.

What's more, many of the Unified Communications features that other vendors class as add-ons, such as video conferencing, iOS and Android mobile apps or call center features, are included with 3CX as standard. That's right, there are no extra costs for the features you need. Take a look at the above comparison table to see for yourself.

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