Toll Free Origination (Inbound)

Toll Free Origination

Access Toll Free Number Across the entire United States and Canada.

Instant DID Provisining Now Available!

Utilizing our easy to use web portal, you can now instantly search and assign a number to your account hassle free!

Vox Tandem now offers Toll Free number access across the entire United States and Canada. We transport Toll Free traffic originated by cable, VoIP, traditional landlines and wireless carriers to all major inter-exchange carriers in the U.S. and Canada. If you have an existing Toll Free number, you can port it to Vox Tandem and save!

Toll Free originated service enables you and your customer to receive Toll Free calls from VoIP and the PSTN within the United States and Canada. Connected to most LEC tandems in the country through our underlying carriers, Vox Tandem has the reach to be your ONE provider for nationwide toll-free origination.


As a RESPORG with direct access to the Toll Free National Database (SMS800) we utilize top Tier1 carriers in order to provide the best voice quality and most competitive pricing. Having direct access to SMS800 gives us the ability to minimize porting delays and maximize your number selection.

Toll Free Origination Information

Monthly Fee Per Minute Fee Setup Fee Porting Fee Commitment Level
$2.00 $0.0125* $2.00 $12.00 NONE

*Extended Zone Pricing: Canada - $0.0125 per call, Hawaii - $0.02 per call, Alaska - $0.20 per call, US Virgin Islands and Puerto Rico - $0.05 per call, Guam / Saipan - $0.075 per call, Payphone Surcharge - $0.85 per call.

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